People used to move for new and better opportunities at least once in their lifetime. Be it within the same city or to another destination, people usually carry their belongings with them. Such belongings may include books, furniture, clothing, appliances and lots more. There is no dearth of moving companies. You can find them through the Internet or posters stuck on lampposts, in the streets, on the facades, on the exit of stores and everywhere. Hiring a van and man service is crucial. However, choosing the right company is a bit tricky. The company offering removals in Leatherhead should ensure that you along with your things arrive at the destination safely, quickly and in good condition. Here are the benefits of choosing the right man and van service.

  • Planning – A move is not a regular instance. It can’t be improvised overnight. A professional can make the move with guarantees. And to do that you need to plan ahead.
  • Budget well sans any commitment – Don’t forget to ask about statutory expenses while choosing a company for removals. Don’t forget to ask them for the right budget.
  • Avoid phone quotes – Don’t accept any quote over the phone. With such quotes, there are always chances that the company would change the estimate later, in most cases upwards. And then you may need to opt for another company. This can burn your pocket as well. It would be good to ask for a written quote from a number of companies. Avoid companies that provide quotes over phone, on the fly or just filling out an online form. Always visit the office of the shortlisted companies. Also, ask them to send their representative to visit your place. It will essentially establish proper conditions in which the company and the budget elaboration will be made.

  • Indication of reference rates – The removal companies display their ads through posters. It would be even better if you find the reference rates or the service costs on the posters. This will prevent them from charge arbitrarily.
  • Professionalism and solvency – To ensure your safety, make sure your chosen company to offer removals in Leatherhead has due authorisation to carry out the job of removals. They must be professional. The company should be registered with the local authority. They should have insurance for civil liability and merchandise.
  • Small print – It is very important that you read the terms and conditions written on the contract.
  • Insurance of the items – You should ask the service provider about in-depth information regarding insurance coverage. Also, ask about its potential extensions. Make a list of things you need to transport. Check if there is any special item that requires special treatment while being transported owing to their value. Consider various assumptions about valuable items. Otherwise, they might suffer from Murphy’s Law.
  • Claim preparation – While hiring a service, it is important that you prepare for any potential claim. A claim is likely to be filed if anything goes wrong. Keep the papers related to the moving company ready. These would help you justify a potential claim.

As it comes to hiring a removals company, take care of a few things. Plan well in advance. Keep the budget in mind and don’t accept any telephonic quote. Indicate the reference rates while bargaining. The company should have professionalism and solvency. Read the small print well. Make sure your chosen company offers insurance for the belongings.

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