Do you want to save money during the house move by hiring a man with a van service? Well, this is possible. All you need to explore essential information about the man and van in Leatherhead you are planning to hire. And here is some things you need to take care of.

  • Collecting quotes – Shop around and collect quotes. Check if it is a fixed quote. Ask if the price that the service provider has quoted is fixed and won’t increase after the move is done. Make sure you know everything about the additional costs, if any, like waiting times and petrol costs. Ask how they are going to charge you. Will they charge by hour, job or day? Know it beforehand, so you can plan accordingly. Also check if they are going to check your items that you need to move. A pre-move survey is always good to ensure the service provider brings in proper vehicle and team to make the move successful and smooth.
  • Ask about the vehicles – Which vehicle are they going to use? If the service provider conducts a pre-move survey, they are very likely to bring a vehicle to adequately accommodate your belongings while making you feel confident. Neither a very large nor too small – a proper vehicle is always recommended to be used for the purpose of move. Ask them if the move takes more than a single trip. This will be, however, affected by the size of the van. If the move is local, making multiple trips won’t make any big issue. But ensure that this arrangement is included in the quote you have received from the man and van in Leatherhead. If you are going to a place too far from the current location, multiple trips won’t be a wise option. So talk to the service provider beforehand to avoid anything unpleasant on the day of move.  
  • Check out the moving team – Check beforehand how many people are going to work on your move. If you want to move the entire belongings of a large house, a team of one man won’t be enough to help you move in time. Also, check if you will feel comfortable with the team as they will be in charge of your belongings. Ask the contractor whether or not you need to help them with lifting items. If it is a one man team, you may need to help the individual with loading and unloading the van. Ask them about this in advance so you can ask your friends and/or family to help.

These are a few things to take care of before hiring a man with a van service to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

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