Moving house is always a challenge irrespective of you undertaking it for the first time or the tenth time. Unless you want to have total control of the move, approaching a professional who can make the task cheaper and hassle-free for you is always advisable. Though there are numerous companies scattered all over Leatherhead offering removal services, opt for man and van hire services if you are willing to move your goods from one house to another without punching a hole in your pocket.

How To Choose The Best Man And Van Services?

If you are looking for the best man and van service, the first thing you need to consider is the driving. It is vital that the man they are providing with the van is an experienced driver who is aware of all the areas where they might have to face traffic jam or other issues. They should also know the shortcuts as it can save you from any sort of extra charges. If you are willing to save more money during the move, look for auction websites and sell few of the belongings you might not require in your new house.

Avoid Extra Charges

Keeping everything organised is a must if you are willing to make your home move cheaper and more environmentally friendly. This will also help in minimising the time you will require to pack and unpack your goods and the time your van will be on the road. Securely pack everything in those moving boxes and seal them with adhesive tape.

The easiest way to avoid any extra charges is by approaching a company who not only offers man and van in Leatherhead at affordable prices but also assures that their services are devoid of any additional or hidden charges. Gather written quotes from various service providers and choose one whose budget and services match your requirements.

Save Time While Packing

The basic difference between man and van and other removal services is that you generally have to shoulder the responsibility of packing your belongings. Even if the man and van company is eager to help you with the packaging, you have to do a majority of the task on your own. The easiest way to save time is by arranging the boxes in an orderly fashion when you place them in the van. Not only should you pack the fragile items separately and label them clearly but also ensure that their weight is kept to a minimum. A majority of man and van hire companies charge on an hourly basis and so the more time you will require loading and unloading the boxes, the more you have to pay them.

Since your knowledge about man and van hire has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for a reliable service-provider in your area.

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