Moving home is itself a very daunting task and even a bit expensive. It can also become quite painful if you end up breaking the traditional antique wash basin during the transit. There are two ways through which you can avoid this issue. You have to be extra careful and become a patient person during the move or take the aid of some experienced removal experts. A majority of them have years of industry presence and can prevent the common moving tragedies with adequate preparation and a few right tools. Some might even share with you a few tips to help you move the fragile items with ease.

Moving Fragile Items? Tips By Professionals Offering Removals In Dorking

  • Glasses

Crumble some paper and wrap each glass individually to keep them safe. If you are willing to diminish the empty space, put the small glasses inside the big ones. Use only medium or small boxes with sufficient packing paper on the top and bottom. Professionals offering removals in Reigate can enhance the safety of the glasses even further by placing the items according to their weight. The light pieces are placed on top and the light ones on the bottom.

  • Frames And Pictures

There should be a minimum distance of 8 inches between two picture frames before you wrap them with crumbled paper and put them in those moving boxes. Try to use small or medium-sized boxes to save place during removals in Dorking. You can also use packing paper to wrap the frames. If you want to prevent the pictures and frames from moving around in the boxes during transit, top them with more packing paper.

  • Plates

Arrange adequate crumbled paper before placing the plates vertically in the small and medium-sized boxes. Don’t forget to put the papers on the top and bottom. They should also be placed between two standing plates. If you are using bubble wraps to wrap each plate, secure it using some tape. Over-packing the boxes should better be avoided during removals in Leatherhead.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated or take the aid of professional removal experts to ease the process of moving fragile items.

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