If you are planning to pick up a van rental, make sure you take care of everything well in advance. But, before you start getting quotes, know the purpose of hiring, how much you move around and how much it would weigh. Be planned so you don’t overpay for hiring an oversized van or get hassled by hiring one which is too small. And to do this, you must get multiple quotes and compare them considering the price charged and other terms and conditions. And finally choose one that suits your need and budget perfectly.

Nevertheless, here are some good tips to ensure hiring the best Dorking van hire serving your purpose perfectly.

  • Check documents – Once you have chosen your rental van, the next step is to check all the essential documents vigilantly. Avoid accepting anything extra and only accept things that you need.
  • Take the things required – As it comes to driving a rental van, you must carry your driving licence including the paper licence and your photo with you. You also need to carry a credit card for excess deposit. You may need to carry current utility bill as well as most companies ask for it as a proof of residence.
  • Check the vehicle – Before you start driving, you must check the van both inside and outside for any damages. And if any, that must be clearly mentioned on the agreement. Checking the mileage of the van is another important thing to be taken care of. Check if it is correct. As it comes to Dorking van hire, fuel level checking is also required at your end. Finally, make sure you know what to do if the vehicle suddenly breaks down or if you meet an accident. The last thing you will be looking for under such a circumstance is finding an emergency number to make a call. So you must keep it handy for an urgent situation.
  • You should know van driving – Van driving is a bit tricky. So be careful about the dimension of the van. It may be wider or higher than what you are familiar with. Therefore, you must take needed precautions to avoid collision with a low bridge or scraping edges in narrow gaps. Parking the van is another crucial thing you must know. Be attentive while leaving the van anywhere. Make sure you have enough space to load and unload.
  • Drop off the van properly – While dropping on the rental van off, you must return it in an as it is condition.  You return it with the same amount of fuel as when you took it up. If you are returning it out of hours, check where to leave the keys. Better you avoid late dropping as it may incur additional costs.

These are a few steps to take care of while hiring a rental van. To conclude, it is suggested that you check the credit card statement to see if there is any additional charge for Dorking van hire. And if there is any discrepancy, take the case up with the rental company.

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